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Eccentric screw pump B70V SanitaryPlus (with three-phase motor)

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The B70V SanitaryPlus is a powerful eccentric screw pump for very sensitive, viscous and...more
Flow rate: 50 l/min. (non ex-proof)

The B70V SanitaryPlus is a powerful eccentric screw pump for very sensitive, viscous and slow-moving liquids up to the limits of flowability. Driven by direct-coupled three-phase motors with and without frequency converter.


  • For liquid foodstuffs and luxury foodstuffs, pharmaceutical substances and cosmetic products
  • Certified and approved according to the latest 3-A Directives (“3-A Sanitary Standards for Centrifugal and Positive Rotary Pumps Number 02-10"
  • Selected materials according to FDA and 3-A standard
  • Welded connections according to EHEDG hygiene requirements
  • Tri-clamp connection according to DIN 32676
  • With three-phase drive
  • Quick-action coupling between motor and pump tube


  • Gentle, low-pulsation product pumping
  • Thread-free, manually detachable quick connections in the area of the pump that comes into contact with the liquid
  • Quick and easy to dismantle
  • Easily accessible and visitable components
  • Simple cleaning
  • Drive is detachable via motor quick-action coupling
Viscosity (up to mPas): 1,500 (e.g. baby food), 4,000 (e.g. shampoo), 20,000 (e.g. honey), 30,000 (e.g. jam), 100 (e.g. milk), 100,000 (e.g. toothpaste), 500 (e.g. hydraulic oil)
Explosion protection: not explosion-proof
  B70V-H-D SanitaryPlus 50.1 Housing: Stainless steel (1.4404)...
  B70V-H-D SanitaryPlus 50.1
Housing: Stainless steel (1.4404)
Seals: EPDM
Mechanical seal: SiC/carbon/EPDM (FPM) 
optionally SiC/SiC/EPDM (FPM)
Rotor/shaft: Stainless steel (1.4571, 1.4462)
Stator: EPDM
Immersion tube diameter: 54 mm
Temperature of medium: max. 100 °C
Pressure joint: Tri-Clamp DN 50
Immersion depth:** 1100 mm 
Flow rate:* max. 50 l/min 
Pumping head:* max. 8 bar
Viscosity: 1- 100,000 mPas 

Figure with three-phase motor with frequency converter

* determined with water at 20°C; three-phase motor (9001/ min) 
** Special length on request


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