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Lutz Pumpen | Deutschland
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Pulsation damper PD II F

Pulsation damper PD II F

for the Double diaphragm pumps 1/2"


Werkstoff Membrane:

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  • 5000-412
  • op verzoek
  • Type: DT 50 PT
Description: Pulsation dampeners are vessels filled with a gas cushion. A diaphragm...more
Product information "Pulsation damper PD II F"

Material: PE
Diaphragm: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Note: Pulsation dampeners should be installed as close to the pump as possible. Models with adjustable air control allow the damper pressure to be adjusted or readjusted for pressure fluctuations. The air supply is parallel to the air supply of the Double diaphragm pump.

Membraan van NBR


Pulsation dampeners are vessels filled with a gas cushion. A diaphragm separates the gas cushion from the system fluid. Pulsation dampeners store and discharge a part of the stroke volume in the stroke rhythm of the Double diaphragm pump, whereby the gas cushion is compressed or decompressed accordingly. This makes the pulsating flow of the pump almost uniform.

  • automatic air control / Adjustable air control (FPM version)
  • Materials: PE / PTFE / stainless steel

Features & Advantages

  • Connection type medium side: 1/2" IT / 3/4" IT (stainless steel versions)
  • Connection type air side: 1/4" IT / 1/4" AG (FPM variant- stainless steel)
  • Operating pressure max. 8 bar / 10 bar (FPM version)
  • Ensure almost uniform volume flow, which increases the accuracy of flow meters
  • Compensation of pressure surges (water hammer) protects built-in fittings
  • Prevents pipeline vibrations that cause material fatigue and pipe ruptures
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