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Highly resistant, lightweight, safe: The new Lutz B2 Vario PVDF for the transfer of small liquid amounts of chlorine and fluorine containing media

Electric drum and container pumps of series Lutz B2 Vario are for many years the perfect solution when it comes to handling small liquid amounts of acids, alkalis, solvents and other chemicals from drums and small containers, whatever industry you are in.

New in the product range of the pump specialists in Wertheim, Lutz Pumpen GmbH, is the model B2 Vario PVDF. All housing and hydraulic parts coming into contact with the liquid are made of the highly resistant fluoroplastic polyvinylidenefluoride. Due to the excellent chemical and thermal features, this pump is ideally suitable for applications with chlorine and fluorine containing chemicals.

Typical branches and application areas are drinking water- and waste water treatments, local and private pool water treatment, surface- and plating processing as well as below mentioned applications in environmental and waste disposal plants:

  • Trade and sale of chemicals and accessories for water treatment, as an easy to handle and economal alternative to the classic, partly oversized drum- and container pumps.
  • Transfer of sodium hypochlorite in day tanks for the disinfection of drinking water.
  • Transfer of hexafluorosilicic acid in day tanks for the fluoridation of drinking water.
  • Transfer of sodium hypochlorite from canisters in swimming pool technology.
  • Restorage and supply of fluoride etching solutions, nitric acid and concentrated sulphuric acid in plating plants.
  • As replacement for manually operated hand pumps from PVDF or PTFE.
  • Emptying of aggressive chemicals from collecting tanks and pump sumps in dosing and transfer systems.

Due to the sealless bearing technology and the infinitely variable speed control, above mentioned media can be transferred safely and controlled and even dry run operating periods survives the pump without any damage. The pump design is without any lubricants and thus the liquid is protected against contamination at any time. The electric drive motor with integrated speed controller enables an infinitely variable adaptation of the flow rate to the respective task. As a matter of fact, the pump meets all safety criteria, is splashproof according to IP 24 and is convincing with an easy handling and a low noise generation.

Different lengths available 500, 700 and 1000 mm for the use in different containers like small vessels up to 200 litre drums. Due to the modular design the pump is easy to service, easy to dismantle and can be repaired with just a few parts without tools, if necessary.

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