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NEW: The Hygienic Pump Lutz B70V SanitaryPlus

Only the Best is Good Enough …:

The New Hygienic Pump Lutz B70V SanitaryPlus
sets new standards for assembly/disassembly and cleaning

For the production of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products as well as for the processing of foodstuffs, a special thoroughness and cleanliness must be ensured to consumers. For this reason, particularly high demands are placed for equipments which are used in these branches.

When using hygienic pumps, the operator expects besides a high system availability and low maintenance requirement an absolutely perfect hygienic and easy to clean design. The B70V SanitaryPlus here sets new standards with its one-piece joint-free drive shaft and consistently without threads in the hydraulic area. Just a few components reduce the assembly and dismantling times for approx. 80% as well significantly reduce the cleaning effort.

The new Lutz B70V SanitaryPlus is the universal pump for container emptying in the food-, pharmaceutical- and cosmetics industry. The materials are in accordance with the applicable Regulations of FDA (Food and Drug Administration), USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and EC 1935/2004 and moreover the pump has an approval according to 3-A Sanitary Standard.

Benefits of the Lutz B70V SanitaryPlus

  • One-piece drive shaft for perfect hygiene
  • Long operating times due to contamination-proof and sterile pump design
  • Delivery volume proportional to speed 
  • Reversible conveying direction 
  • Continuous and low pulsation pumping, nearly independent from pressure- and viscosity fluctuations
  • Careful pumping of the product
  • Stable pressure capacities
  • Service-friendly
  • Housing design, free of dead space for good flow properties
  • Wetted surfaces with a polished finish prevent the accumulation of liquid and facilitate the cleaning

Hygienic aspect consequently realized

The new eccentric screw pump Lutz B70V SanitaryPlus was developed and designed for pumping liquid foodstuffs, pharmaceutical agents and cosmetic products from different vessels and containers. This new development strictly meets the constructive requirements of the hygienic design and is certified and approved according to the latest “3-A Sanitary Standards (3A 02-11)”. All parts coming into contact with the product are made of resistant stainless steel (1.4571/1.4404/1.4462), 3-A/FDA compliant plastics (PTFE) and elastomers (EPDM).

The entire design of this pump places hygienic features in the foreground: therefore, only manually detachable, non-threaded connections are used in the areas coming into contact with the medium. The design is almost free of dead space, thus microbiological problems caused by germs and bacteria are practically impossible. The Lutz B70V SanitaryPlus can be quickly and easily dismantled and re-assembled enabling a speedy and thorough cleaning and disinfection mechanically or by hand. All parts coming into contact with the liquid are easily accessible for inspection and service. Quickly detachable tri-clamp connections according to DIN 32676 avoid any contamination.

This pump is the solution for application cases where the use of a CIP pump is technically impossible.

Clean results that you can rely on

With a flow rate of 12 to 50 l/min and an operating pressure of max. 10 bar, the Lutz B70V SanitaryPlus hygienic pump is suitable for pumping thin-bodied to highly viscous media. The proven positive displacement principle allows a gentle product handling. Thanks to low pulsation and low shear effect, liquids with solid particles, such as small fruit pieces in the food- and beverage industry, can be pumped.

Versatile and variable:

The chosen immersion depth and the small immersion tube diameter ensure that drums, IBC containers and other commercially available containers are emptied safely and almost completely without residue from the top. Various drive motors e.g. 3-phase motors with and without integrated frequency converter (B70V-H-D) and universal motors (B70V-H-SR) are available. The drive motor can be separated from the pump tube instantly thanks to the new quick action coupling or hand wheel. This allows you to go from one task to the other at any time.

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