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Single-phase motor
0,55 kW
1500 rpm.
Single-phase motor Single-phase motor
suitable for the Pump tube HD - E
Description: The single phase motor is a compact and powerful single phase motor with starting and running capacitor. The Motor can be suitably combined with our HD-E Pure Pump tube. This ensures the draining of the liquids and thus saves important resources. Media examples: Mineral oils, cosmetic products, food, paints and many other thick materials Features & Advantages...
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1,1 kW
900 rpm.
Three-phase motor Three-phase motor
with foot and frequency converter for the Pump...
Description: The three-phase motor is a powerful and smooth-running Motor with integrated foot and frequency converter for highly viscous media. The power transmission from the Motor to the eccentric screw takes place via a torsion shaft or a cardan shaft. Depending on the application, various Motors with different power ratings are available, which can be combined with the...
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